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Our Bishop

The Man behind the Ministry

As Bishop: Bishop Felix Uriah Samuels was born on March 31st, 1944 by his parents Gwendolyn Feare and Ruben Samuels in Jamaica West Indies. He was raised as an Anglican, and was financially poor, but he later inherited his true riches when he discovered truth and was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ in 1962.He came to Canada in 1971 and was appointed the Youth President in 1979. He moved and resided in Alberta Canada from 1981 to 1983. He was later ordained a Deacon and soon later an Elder on December 15, 1984. He became Bishop Felix Samuels on June 22, 2007.

From a very tender age Bishop Samuels had his first encounter with God while he slept. Similar to Samuel in scriptures, Bishop went to bed and had a dream where he heard the voice of God calling his name. God told him to “Go and tell the people”. At first he was reluctant and did not feel that he was capable of such a task, but God spoke to him again in another dream where he was “caught up” in the heavens and God told him once more to “Go and tell the people”. Even in the dream Bishop showed a concern for the people as he questioned God as to whether or not he could return to bring those left behind. This began the journey for this wonderful man of God.

Bishop Samuels is a passionate and considerate person who strives to live a Godly and sober life. As he has stated, “I have a passion for souls and I don’t want to see them lost. There is victory in heaven, and I want others to share that with me”. Bishop is supportive and cares for the youth of his assembly and those within the community. He desires to see the young people stay active in the church, singing, praising and worshipping, while building a strong foundation on the Word of God.

As Husband: Bishop Samuels was married to 1st lady Kynice Samuels on March 27th 1971. Bishop Samuels and 1st lady Kynice share a unique and inseparable bond of love and appreciation towards God, each other and both their natural children and those of the body of Christ. As expressed by Bishop, “My wife is my heart, soul and body. She is the string of my heart. I fell in love with her the first night that I met her, and I knew that I would love her forever”. It is evident how deep a love they share, and it only grows stronger with each passing day. Both the Bishop and his wife share the concern for the lost and envision their hands stretching forth to support and care for the senior citizens within the community. Bishop is helpful and respectful and he exemplifies the description given by Paul in the book of Timothy.

As Father: Bishop Samuels and Mother Kynice have 4 daughters and 11 grandchildren. Bishop Samuels and his wife raised their children in the admonishment of the Lord. They both strived to let their children live Godly lives, with stern discipline and love. They instilled the preparation for Christian living by committed study of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation in order to embed the word of God and prayer into the hearts and lives of their daughters.

As Miracle: In 1999 Bishop Felix Samuels was diagnosed with Lymphoma Cancer. Being the strong believer and preacher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, he did not accept the report of the doctors but rather went to receive the true report from God. Shortly thereafter Bishop Samuels went to church and had the Elders pray the prayer of faith. Through the ministry of ‘laying of hands” by Elder Lindel Samuels, Bishop Samuels was miraculously healed of this cancer. When he returned to the specialist for further analysis and the possibility to begin his chemotherapy, there was no tumor detected in the scans and tests performed. Praise be to God who truly is a healer. Bishop Samuels not only preaches the Gospel but he is a living walking example of the word being alive and real in the lives of God’s people today.

As Future: Bishop Samuels has a strong desire to help, care for and support the senior citizens within our community. He further wants to impact the city and help to bring the youth who are in the darkness to the light in Christ Jesus. Bishop Samuels has purposed in his heart to do all that God will require of him in order to truly save the lost at any cost while introducing them to the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Services: To arrange for Marriages and Counseling please contact our Bishop at 416-636-7517 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Headquarters: The Churches of God and True Holiness, Cleveland Ohio



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